Kiwi Rider Podcast

PowerBand Podcast - S01 - E05

November 15, 2018

NOTE: Although we release these podcasts in an episodic form, We would advise skipping forward to the more recent content. You won't miss much :-P

Welcome to Ep05 of PowerBand Podcast, Where we're suffering a slight hangover from the EICMA18 Motorshow. 

  • News on a New Kawasaki
  • Revelations about another Kawasaki everyone thinks is dead, but isn't
  • News a peewee MotoX event coming to NZ
  • News on a new BMW
  • We inspect a the Tesla Ebike that may never be released
  • we check out the electric Harley LiveWire project
  • and we take a look at the top 5 pieces of motorcycle tech you DON'T need.

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PowerBand Podcast
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