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PowerBand Podcast - S01 - E06

November 22, 2018

NOTE: Although we release these podcasts in an episodic form, We would advise skipping forward to the more recent content. You won't miss much :-P

Welcome to Ep06 of PowerBand Podcast, In this episode we have:

  • News on some new electric dirt bikes in the making.
  • Norton is back with a brand new rap... errr I mean bike.
  • An idiot rider gets caught doing 200kph in Canterbury
  • We catch up with one of the Two Bald Bikers.
  • we have info on how to get a free Ride Forever course.
    and we have a rundown of the weekend's events coming up

If you have an event, a question or some feedback, please do let us know, We would love to hear from you!

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PowerBand Podcast
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